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About Us

Paul Bashea Williams, LCSW-C, LICSW

Mr. Williams is founder and owner of Hearts In Mind Counseling. He is an experienced Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Psychotherapist and Approved Clinical Supervisor. He has worked as a Licensed Social Worker for over 15 years providing therapy, coaching and mentoring. He provides psychotherapy and psychoeducation and coaching for individuals, couples, families, groups and corporations. He also offers and provides clinical supervision and peer consultation. Mr. Williams is certified in couple and family systems.

Mr. Williams utilizes Brainspotting, Person Centered Solution-Focused Therapy, Insight Oriented Psychotherapy, Emotional Focused Therapy, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy as a catalyst for change with his clients. His typical clients struggle with depression, anxiety, love addiction, anger management, attachment issues, divorce/separation, and blended family dynamics. Mr. Williams a provides corporate cashing and training on Psychological Safety, Corporate Culture, Relationship Building Psychoeducation and Workplace Dynamics. He also specializes in working with the adolescent to adult male population. Helping them navigate and understand their purpose in life while providing relatable life experiences to their circumstances.


Meet Our Clinicians

Hearts In Mind Counseling Clinicians are diverse and have a multitude of trainings in specialty areas to meet your mental health needs.


Mrs. Lawrence is a Licensed Master Social Worker and Psychotherapist with extensive knowledge and experience working with children and adults. Since 2006, she has worked closely with individuals experiencing ADHD, behavioral issues, anxiety, depression, family conflict, divorce/separation, suicidal ideation, grief/loss and trauma. Mrs. Lawrence also has additional experience in domestic violence counseling and crisis response. 

Mrs. Lawrence is a Certified Grief Counseling Specialist, Trauma specialist, and Certified Prepare Enrich Couple’s therapist.  She utilizes Mindfulness, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Emotional Focused Therapy and Solution Focused therapeutic techniques to facilitate positive change and growth in her clients.


Mrs. Lawrence’s main goal is to assist clients in identifying presenting issues, ensure that they fully understand their diagnosis and empower them to overcome and succeed.  

Nikeita Lawrence, LMSW   |  Clinician

Grief Counseling  |  Women & Teen Girls  | 
Individual   Group Counseling and More


Monroe Howard-Shackelford is a Licensed Therapist, motivational speaker and educator best known for his work as a life coach and advocate for mental health awareness.  Monroe has translated his passion for education into a career spanning more than 15 years that has increased learning opportunities for students in both New York City and California, empowering youth, men of color and members of the LGBTQIA community in those regions. Inspired by his own diagnosis of major depressive disorder, he is driven to destigmatize mental health and promote the upliftment of black men and youth.  

Monroe holds a Bachelor of Science degree from California State University, Sacramento, and a dual Masters in Social Work and Public Administration from New York University. He hosts a weekly live show/podcast “The Naked Truth Experience” which celebrates marginalized individuals and the communities they represent.  

Monroe Howard-Shackelford, LMSW  |  Clinician

LGBTQIA+  |  Gender & Sexuality  |  Depression

Carlisle Greaves, LCSW-C   Clinician

Family Trauma  |  Stress & Anxiety  |  Depression     LGBTQIA+  |  Abuse  |  ADHD

Carlisle Greaves, LCSW is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with 15 years of experience working with children, adolescence, and young adults with significant behavioral issues, mood disorders, and autism spectrum disorders. Moreover, I have also worked with adults and couples with a wide range of difficulties and issues such as various mood disorders, marital issues, anger management, personality disorders, schizophrenia, and thought disorders.

Mr. Greaves is also a professional musician. He utilizes music with clients who have difficulties expressing themselves in a traditional therapeutic setting. He uses a mobile recording studio, and drumming and percussion instruments to help clients express emotions and feelings that are difficult to articulate verbally.

Areas of Expertise:
LGBTQ-IA+, Relationship issues, Grief, Sleeping disorders, Parenting issues, Anger management, Self-esteem, Bipolar disorder, Coping with life changes, Body Image, Caregiver Issues, and Stress,  Disruptive Mood Dysregulation Disorder (DMDD), Guilt and Shame, Impulsivity, Life Purpose, Men's Issues, Mood Disorders, Multicultural Concerns, Panic Disorder, and Panic Attacks, Paranoia, Phobias, Post-traumatic Stress, Process addiction (porn, exercise, gambling), Sex Addiction, Social Anxiety, and Phobia, Somatization


Quiana Wade, LMSW    Clinician

Quiana Wade, LMSW is a licensed master social worker providing psychotherapy to clients dealing with a range of difficulties and struggles, including depression, chronic mental health issues, anxiety, postpartum depression, and other mood disorders. She has experience supporting a variety of clients including, postpartum mothers and fathers, adolescents, women, and adults.

Mrs. Wade works to support clients with healing and achieving their goals with a decolonized approach using cognitive behavior therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, mindfulness, motivational interviewing and strength-based methods. Mrs. Wade provides a safe and non-judgmental environment for clients to identify, explore, and find solutions to the difficulty in their lives. 


Mrs. Wade holds a Masters in Social Work degree from the University of Maryland, Baltimore. She also works in the community supporting individuals to severe mental illness.

Mood Disorders  |  Stress & Anxiety  |  Depression  | Postpartum Mothers & Fathers  |  Adolescents |  Women  |  Race & Cultural Identity


Khalil Powell is a dedicated Licensed Master Social Worker in Maryland, recognized for his adept skills in case management and counseling. His professional journey is marked by a deep commitment to utilizing evidence-based practices such as Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), mindfulness techniques, and cognitive restructuring to support clients of all ages—from children to older adults.


Khalil's approach is rooted in empathy and innovation, ensuring that every strategy is client-centered and tailored to meet individual needs. His passion for clinical therapy, a calling from a young age, is evident in his ability to connect with and guide those seeking support. With a continual focus on professional growth and a collaborative spirit, Khalil aims to make a significant, positive impact in the field of mental health.

Khalil Powell, LMSW   |  Clinician

Anxiety  |  Depression |  Men and Adolescent Boys | Cognitive Behavioral Therapy 


Tammilee Jules is a counselor with experience working with individuals, families, and couples since 2019. Mrs. Jules has worked closely with individuals experiencing family and marital conflict, in the areas of divorce/separation, grief/loss, trauma, anxiety and depression.

Mrs. Jules is a certified Prepare-Enrich Couple’s Therapist. She utilizes Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Emotional-Focused Therapy-Family Systems, and Solution-Focused Therapy to help families, and couples reach their therapeutic goals to enhance their relationships and quality of life. 

Mrs. Jules’s passion and desire to incorporate experiences from her 30-year marriage, including raising four, now adult children, inspired her to return to school and obtain a Bachelor’s degree in Christian Counseling. Mrs. Jules has a Master’s Degree in Professional Counseling with a concentration in Marriage and Family Therapy.

Tammilee Jules, LGPC   |  Clinician

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy  |  Emotional-Focused Therapy-Family Systems |  Couples Therapy | Children and Teens


My intrinsic drive to assist others drove me from an early age to peruse a career in health care. Possessing over 17 years of experience in the healthcare industry I enjoy utilizing a range of techniques specific to my clients need to aid them in achieving their optimal outcome. It is my aim to have each client foster their unique experience to function effectively in daily living.

Kasheria West, PMHNP   | 
Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner

Women and Adolescents | Grief  | Depression, Anxiety  | Abuse Techniques Including CBT | Solution Focus Therapy  | Interpersonal Therapy

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